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Without a doubt the best service I have had. Fast, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone. 
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Domain Name Registration

TenaMax’s Domain Name Department is committed in providing excellent Internet Domain Names Services with competitive prices.

The first step to creating your web site is to register a domain name. The domain name is the name that people will type into the address bar to find your site. e.g our domain name is

Our services are reasonably priced so that any individual or organization can afford to obtain domains for personal or business use.
It is our constant aim to provide affordable, low cost domain name registration, transfer services and more without compromising on customer service and support. We are constantly looking for new ways and products to enhance the value of your domains, as well as improving our services based on the feedback of our customers.

All Inclusive Domain Name Package Offers More Value Added Services with each Domain Name
Each day, more and more people are discovering that domain names provide greater value, more features, are easier to manage and are backed by a readily available, knowledgeable support team.

Each domain name includes free value-added features such as a free website, website to phone text messaging (name-my-phone), name-my-map, URL forwarding, eMail forwarding, and more...

FREE Services Dynamic DNS
Each domain name utilizes's state of the art dynamic DNS (domain name servers). DNS enables your website to be accessible to the world and is considered the "switchboard" that connects your domain name to your web site. With over 1.5 billion DNS hits per day for millions of names, maintains one of the world's largest geographically dispersed real time DNS systems. While most companies back (deleted: up) their domain names with one or two servers, domain names are backed by five giant servers in five different locations worldwide, resulting in greater reliability and speed.

FREE Web Site Builder
This easy to use Web Site Builder enables you to have your web sites designed and published in a couple of hours.

FREE Email Forwarding
Easily create up to 100 email addresses using your domain name: sales@your, info@your and have them forwarded to an existing mailbox.

FREE Parking Page
Park your domain name for free until you are ready to start building your site. This is also know as an "Under construction" page, or "for sale" page.

FREE Name-My-Phone
Have friends and customers send you text messages to your mobile device, directly from your web site (such as Be more accessible.

FREE Domain/URL Forwarding
Redirect traffic from multiple domain names to your site or replace long confusing domain names with domain name forwarding. (i.e.,, can all forward or point to This service also includes "URL Framing" (where the domain name will show the content of

FREE Name-My-Map
Need to give someone directions, have them visit They will see a map of the address you have written down for your registration.

FREE Domain Name Control Panel
Easy and powerful control panel allows you to manage all you domain names from one central place.

FREE DNS Services
Point your domain name using any of the latest host records through "CNAME" (alias), "A" (addess), MX (email servers), and even TXT (for advanced settings such as SPF for Spam protection)

FREE Bulk Tools
With our list Wizard and Global Edit tools you can transfer, change ownership ("Push"), renew/extend registration, and modify a long or short list of domains.

FREE Name Spinner
We will help you find the best domain possible by also giving you domain name suggestions (called "domain spinning") based on your original search.

FREE Sub-Domains
Use your domain to its full capacity by also hosting web sites on different sub-domains (called "Host records"). For example you can have be your main site and have a different site at

FREE Auto-Renew
Don't ever let your domain expire because you simply forgot. Turn on auto-renew and we'll attempt to renew it for you a few days before expiration.

FREE Registrar Lock
Avoid any transfer mistakes and the loss of your domain. If a domain name has "registrar lock" turned on. Transfers won't be able to go through until you turn it off.

FREE Reports
Run reports on different transactions, on your domains, on your domain auctions...
We will be bringing on more related services on a regular basis for better management and utilization of your names. These services will either be offered at affordable prices.

We welcome you to look around our site and feel free to ask us any question or give us your honest feedback about our services. 

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